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WELCOME... wElCoMe... WeLcOmE...

Lorem Ipsum… wait that’s not what should go here!

No what goes here is the narcissistic, self appraisal that is expected out of an about me section. Well guess what? You’re not going to get one! Woohoo right? Well not quite… instead what I will give you is an insight into me. Born and raised on the island of Malta (for those who don’t know where that is you can follow this link) I do not have a typical island mentality. Adventure, Open Source, Foreign Influence… these things excite me… but that does not mean I don’t have a Maltese approach to life.

Us Maltesers (no we’re not called Maltesers, and we don’t like being called that either) are a very heart on our sleeves kind of people. And by kind of people, I mean we are also very Kind. We are always out to make sure that our fellow locals, as well as our much welcomed expats and tourists are made to feel right at home, and I am quite the same.

Where I do defer from your average Maltese person is in the way I handle conflict. Do not be surprised to hear a couple of Maltese people seem like they’re going to rip eachother to shreds, when all they’re “arguing” about is whether Pastizzi ta l-Irkotta are better than Pizelli (just follow this link for more info). Trust me, if you don’t know what pastizzi are, you need to get yourself on the next flight out to Malta and try them. DISCLAIMER, though being super cheap at €0.30 each, they are nowhere close to being healthy and should not be eaten on a regular basis… But I digress.

In short, as this bio has rambled on for too long… I am a business oriented, neighbor loving, quiet conflict solver, with a deep entrepreneurship vain, a passion for all things Digital and a love for writing (as horrendous as it might be)

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