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Services Offered

Web Design

Starting from Basic websites up to fully functional and updatable company websites with online stores, products and services

Website Re-Designs

Do you already have a website but it is old or outdated? Are you looking for something more inline with today’s standards? I offer complete website overhauls, as well as part updating at a very reasonable price.  

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

If you do not currently use social media for your business then you are missing out on a huge chunk of the market. I offer tailor made Social Media marketing plans, as well as full management of your social media profile.

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Sometimes it’s not as simple as just purchasing a service, but you need something custom made. This is what I specialize in. Use the button on the right to get in contact with me and I will be more than happy to set up a no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs. 
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New Project Idea

So I'm thinking about starting a brand new online project that could generate some serious mula if it kicks off. The idea (no I'm not going to reveal it as.


First Blog Post

So after a couple of days of tweaking I am finally happy with the result for my new Site :) Hopefully you the reader will find this site as user friendly.


Prologue : Part 2

You do have to understand that life IS always as it seems, until something comes along and fucks it all up. Stop believing your fairy tale bullshit happy ending and.