Quit smoking – day 2 – test 1 out of 2

It's me again… damn day 2 is already panning out as a tough one. Met my mate Kurt to talk about some Affiliate Marketing and headed down to Sliema for some lunch.

Things I've learnt about having lunch when you're trying to quit smoking

  1. You can't sit outside.
  2. You need to keep the portion small
  3. You have to have chewing gum for after
  4. Espresso is a bad idea
  5. Dessert is a better idea
  6. Cigarette machines are everywhere
  7. The walk back to the car is torture
  8. You feel like a champ when you're in the car and didn't have a cigarette

So yeah I think I survived the first test. Now I'll soon be off to the second test which is not gonna be a fun one. My mates birthday party, with drinks, dinner and a butt load of smokers.

Wish me luck x


  1. Joseph Grech

    Good luck! But remember its not about testing yourself at this point. Keep away from temptations until you start dosing off from Nicotine… then you can really test ‘yourself’!

    P.S. you got featured on our fb page! 😉

    1. Keith

      Thanks Joseph. I agree that testing at the beginning is not a good idea… but k owing you’re going to be in a situation at least let’s you prepare 🙂
      I knew lunch would be hard, but I couldn’t avoid it, same with drinks tonight. But I know, by documenting my thoughts, I will not want to let all of the people that have been so positive towards my attempt down. 🙂

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